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Film Trivia
After Red Sonja massacred Lord Brytag, his men are keen on killing her. Kalidor (Arnold) comes to the rescue, killing many of them so they can escape.  
99. Swiss Guards (True Lies)
While he is escaping from a Swiss castle, Schwarzie takes care of some guards, this one by shooting him in the head.
98. Followers (End of Days)
Two of Satan’s followers try to capture a nice lady. This pisses off Jericho (Schwarz) tremendously. He Uzi’s them at the spot.
97. Assassins (Eraser)
When you enter the house where Arnie resides, with the purpose of killing him, expect to get erased. Arnie takes care of these guys with a simple fuse. Neat work.
96. Dark Warrior (Conan the Destroyer)
This big guy gives Conan quite a hard time. After a three minute fight, Conan gets the upper hand and defeats him. Some detraction of points because he gives him the final blow off-screen.
95. Vincent (The 6th Day)
Arnie (or his clone) fries bad-ass Vincent (or his clone) with a well-aimed laser shot. Not bad for an old man.
94. Georgian Henchman (Red Heat)
After a hysterical bathhouse fight in the opening of RED HEAT, Schwarzie confront a group of Georgian coke dealers. This unfortunate henchman takes a shot at him…Big Mistake.
93. Killers (Eraser)
Arnie enters a house to safeguard a witness and stumbles on some cold-blooded killers. He jabs one with a knife, shoots another and kicks one out of a window. Easy, smooth and stylish.
92. Snowscooter Guy (True Lies)
Spy Harry Tasker (Arnold) blows this guy right of his snowscooter, when he followed by armed Swiss guards.
91. Gedren’s Guards (Red Sonja)
Arnold helps Red Sonja disposing of evil queen Gedren’s guards. One of them gets his arm chopped of, a trick Arnie would repeat in COMMANDO, also released in 1985.  
90. Victor’s Boys (Red Heat)
The partners of Georgian bad guy Victor Rosta, four big black guys, attack Ivan Danko in a hotel. He kills them without breaking sweat. Some point deduction because a prostitute helps him by shooting one of them.
89. Horn Keepers (Conan the Destroyer)
Conan and his crew want to take a magic horn, but are stopped by a wizard and his band of masked guards, who look pretty much like a bunch of sadomasochists. After not too long, Conan proclaims: ‘enough talk’, and starts killing them one by one.
88. Satan (End of Days)
Jericho (Schwarzenegger) sacrifices himself to defeat Satan. He does so by jumping on a sword. Pretty ridiculous when you think about it: Schwarzenegger as Jesus? Anyway, it is added as a curiosity to the list.
87. Storekeeper (The Terminator)
A bit of a coward kill, but you can’t judge the Terminator by human standards. Dick Miller is screwed in this scene. ‘Hey you can’t do that.’ ‘Wrong!’ BLEM!
86. Black Riders (Conan the Destroyer)
The opening of CONAN THE DESTROYER, our warrior hero is attacked by a bunch of black riders. He slaughters most of them in a pretty bloody way. You gotta love this barbaric action.
85. Skiing Guards (True Lies)
84. Mobsters (Eraser)
Harry Tasker takes care of a couple of skiing guards. He shoots one of them while he is gliding down a slope on his back. Cool stuff.
U.S. Marshal John Kruger (Schwarzenegger) takes care of four mobsters who are about to kill a witness. Not spectacular per se, but some innovation is shown, such as the use of a refrigerator for cracking a neck.  
83. Vagran Rostavili (Red Heat)
The brother of major criminal Victor Rostavili is off course no match for Russian Agent Ivan Danko (Schwarzenegger).
82. Mansion Guards (Commando)
John Matrix (Schwarzenegger) attacks the mansion of the evil Arius in COMMANDO, he kills many soldiers, including these guys using a hand grenade. Killing machine indeed…
81. Grindman (Raw Deal)
Schwarzenegger drives to his enemy’s compound to wipe everybody out. He pulls a drive-by along a gravel pit while listening to the Stones’. He shoots several people, but this one stands out: the bad guy falls into a stone grinder! Way to go Ahrnold!!  
80. Selena (Collateral) Damage)
In one of his worst movies, Arnie fights two terrorists in underground tunnels. The first on he kills is Selena, who has betrayed him. He does the job by throwing her through a control panel causing her to get electrocuted.
79. Aziz Follower 1 (True Lies)
Arnie-snaps-neck. What’s left to say?
78. Aziz’s Followers 2 (True Lies)
If you can’t shoot ‘m, burn ‘m. Harry Tasker takes care of some terrorist scum.
77. Aziz’s Followers 3 (True Lies)
Schwarz takes out an entire floor of terrorists using a Harrier aircraft.
76. Wiley (The 6th Day)
During a car chase, Wiley hangs out of his car window to take a shot at Arnie. One fast break later and Wiley’s flying through the air, landing under Arnie’s wheels. Autch! The fact that Wiley is cloned five minutes later doesn’t change the skilfulness of this kill.
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